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  1. Hi— perhaps this is the site I should contact—- I live in Holbrook– right on West Division St which divides Braintree from Holbrook. For the last year or so, much construction has been going on and clearing of many acres of virgin land. It is a fact that this whole area was a Plantation (Rev Niles of Braintree) worked by Indian slaves in the 1600s. It is also a fact that Indians are buried somewhere on the property. This was in morden times the Norfolk County Braintree Respitory Hospital consisting of many acres of untouched land and in very recent years has been purchased by the town of Braintree and some made into conservation. Growing up in this area my street at one time was called Mingo Lane after an Indian that lived on it– spending many many hours in the area I believe an Indian mound exist on said conservation land and perhaps that’s where the Indians are buried. We know this mound as Indian Hill and I’ve known personally known people that have grown up in this area who were born anywhere from the 1900s and the 20s and 30s who knew this place as Indian Hill and older people they knew the same story. With that I suspect it’s called Indian hill for a reason—- this is a very old part of town with much history. Perhaps before someday someone decides to construct or level this hill it might be worth looking into. John Davis. 781-964-2223

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