The Massachusetts Archaeological Society has received donations and grants from a number of generous donors. Thank you to everyone for your continued support!


The Town of Middleborough (CPA grant)
Massachusetts Cultural Council Facilities Fund (state grant)
The Institution of Museum and Library Sciences Museum Assessment Program (federal grant)
Rockland Trust
The Frederick Lobl Trust for Charities, Bank of America, Trustee
A.D. Makepeace Neighborhood Fund
IBM Corporation
Christmas Tree Shops
Natural Resources Group
Central Massachusetts Chapter, MAS
Northeast Chapter, MAS

Individual Members
Thank you to everyone who donated over the past year.

Ted Ballard
Ashton Bradshaw
Frederica Dimmick
Elinor (Fuzzy) Downs
Tim Fohl
Philip Graham
James Haskins
Curtiss Hoffman
Sheila Lynch-Benttinen
Lorri McGarvey
William Napolitano
Frederic Topor

Anthony Capozzi
Michael Cavanagh
Donna Frehill
Anne Gillis
Susan Jacobucci
Royce Kahler
Frederick Martin
Victor Mastone
 Carol O’Brien
 Robert Scheer
 William B. Taylor


Carol Barnes
Rolf Cachat-Schilling
Bernard Cooper
Andre Cormier
Stuart Eldridge
Linda Engelmann
Diane Gilbert
Sharl Heller
Mimi Jones
Thirza Joost
Lloyd Keyes

Mark Lyons
Gerald Macomber
Athena McInnis
William Moody
Darrell Pinckney
James Porter
Martin Schnidheiny
Brona Simon
Chester Soliz
David Woolman



Clovis Contributors ($1000 and up)
Donald Beale
Marillyn Crary
Bifurcate Backers ($500):
Suanna Selby Crowley
David DeMello
Curtiss Hoffman
Brewerton Boosters ($250):
Shirley Blancke
Timothy Fohl
Vosburg Volunteers ($100):
Edwin Ballard
Richard Bourn
Bernard Cooper
Elinor (Fuzzy) Downs
John Fitzgerald
Ward Kraemer
David Marcus
Fred Martin
Victor Mastone
Carole McCarthy
Dave McKenna
Arthur and Joanne Miller
William Napolitano
Carol O’Brien
John Rempelakis
Fred Robinson
Robert Scheer
Alan Smith
Laurie Stundis
Richard Tuck
Walter vanRoggen

Squibnocket Supporters ($75):
Susan Jacobucci
Royce Kahler
Jordan Kerber
Lloyd Keyes

Other Contributors:
Harry Anderson
Margaret Atkins
Mark Bombard
Esther Braun
Joan and Peter Bullard
Rolf Cachat-Schilling
Wilford Couts
Charles Deknatel
Tom Doyle
Donald Duffy
Amy Dugas
Elisabeth Ehlers
James Gage
Dianne Gilbert
Carolyn Hirsch
Nancy Kenney
Wayne Legge
David Litchfield
Sheila Lynch-Benttinen
Marion Matson
Andre Navez
Diane Parent
Anna Ramstead
Lindsay Randall
Polly Stevens
William Stokinger
John Thompson
Paul Warren

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